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Pulpit Rock Brewing purchases a Crowler

Some of the best activities here in Decorah include camping and kayaking/canoeing/tubing. But did you know that glass is banned from the river and most campgrounds?

Enter the Crowler, a hybrid child of cans and growlers.  They are a machine-sealed aluminum can: a durable, convenient alternative for craft beer consumption. Crowlers can be filled straight out of the tapline making it easier for smaller breweries with fewer resources to offer packaged beer without the expense of a canning or bottling line.

Why cans?

Cans have been found to preserve beer longer and prevent off-flavors by keeping out UV rays and oxygen. They weigh less than bottles, are more durable, and are convenient to recycle. Cans chill faster than bottles because aluminum is a conductor, and they are stackable (to make room for more beer in your fridge or cooler). Also, when you bring your growler in for filling it can be difficult to ascertain the complete cleanliness of the vessel. If it isn’t fully sanitized, the taste of the beer will be off from what you tasted straight out of the tap at the brewery.

Pulpit Rock Brewing cares about the quality of the beer you are taking home. We will have Crowlers as a to-go option on busy weekends and will be utilizing them for small batch special releases. Keep an eye on social media for availability and announcements.

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